Staverton Marina

Trowbridge residents may be surprised to realise that the 'new' estate on the Staverton Marina has been around for ten years now.  

Building started in 2009, with the first home-owners moving in in 2011. The major stumbling block at the time was the cost of building the road bridge over the historic Kennet & Avon Canal. The homes built there are now coming into their first batch of problems commonly associated with plumbing and heating issues. The hot water systems, for larger properties on the estate, are all built with unvented, pressurised cylinder of either stainless steel or copper, that provide copious amounts of hot water on demand - when working well. 

Smaller homes with one bathroom, may have combination boilers installed. Some common problems starting to become evident on the estate with the hot water supply are as follows: 

1/  Failure of incoming mains combined pressure reduction/safety relief/balance water cold water supply. 

2/  Noise from the pipework when taps are turned on or off.  Most often this is an issue with the internal air gap in the cylinders used on the estate and can be rectified fairly easily. 

3/  Hot water heat exchangers full of limescale where the limescale protection has been removed or not maintained according to the correct servicing schedule.

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